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Every year, millions of people die without making a will. In England and Wales, if there is no known next of kin to inherit an estate, HM Government Legal Department (Bona Vacantia - BV Division)  holds it in trust; if the estate is not claimed, it passes to the Crown.


This site is a vital FREE resource for people who:

  • May be directly related to the deceased and possibly entitled to a share in the estate (value unknown)
  • Have useful information about the deceased and can provide vital links to family members who are or might be entitled heirs
  • Knew the deceased and can provide useful background to their life and potential family links or history


It is wise for you to be represented by a professional probate researcher in order to claim any entitlement you may have to an estate. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to be drawn into email scams and frauds, which end up costing you money based on the reality that no actual estate or entitlement exists.


In truth, using a professional service removes any risk as no upfront costs are involved: you pay a researcher a commission only on a 'no win, no fee' basis out of your share of an unclaimed estate. We recommend that you deal with us via this site.


Currently there are 6,025 unclaimed estates, some of which have been recently added. You can view them all here in many different ways – A-Z, latest estates or via the search boxes on the left.
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